Introduction to digital photography

Taller de introducción a la fotografía digital

Introduction to digital photography workshop

This is the perfect workshop for those who want to get into the digital photography world. You’ll learn all about digital techniques, as well as things related to a more artistic side of photography, like composition, which is, I think, the most important thing to keep in mind when taking a picture.


With this workshop, my goal is to make sure every participant get to know about the different rules of image composition so they can create photographs by following or creating them at will.

Every participant will learn about the different configurations these devices offer as well as the use of a digital camera in full manual mode. With these resources, they will get to take that picture they have in their head without any issues and making sure they can truly show what they are envisioning when taking a photograph.

The workshop is for people who

  • Have little or no knowledge about photography, or self-taught people who need to put in order all that knowledge they acquired by themselves.
  • Have a camera with manual mode. That way you'll get the most out of the workshop.


  • What is a photograph?
  • How to make a photograph
  • Composition
    • Composition rules
  • Camera types
  • Lens types and groups
    • Focal lengths
  • Camera modes
    • Scene modes
  • White balance and color temperature
  • Exposure
    • Exposure triangle and how each parameter affects the image
  • Light metering types
  • Focusing systems
    • Focus points
  • Dynamic range
  • File format: raw vs jpg


5hs divided in two modules: theory and practice. 3hs for the theory and 2hs for the practice.

Usually practice class tends to be longer, I really enjoy spending time outdoors, so if there's interest in keep shooting I'll stay longer.

Study material

You will get the presentation I use to teach after the theory class.


Currently I am teaching in Spanish only, I am trying to improve my spoken English before teaching in that language.

Online support group

I offer free help after finishing the workshop on a Facebook group, where you can also share ideas and experiences among other students, as well as the results you get from the workshop.


You can get a workshop participation certificate for an extra ARS 100.

Special offers

By taking this workshop you get a 30% discount in the Lightroom Classic editing workshop.

Upcoming workshops

Face-to-face workshop in Córdoba

In-person workshops can be done privately or by group and they have very flexible hours.

  • Date and time at student’s convenience (theory is 3hs long and practice is 2hs)
  • Theory location: Córdoba downtown
  • Practice location: Parque Sarmiento
  • Price:
    • Private workshop: ARS 1800
    • Group workshop: ARS 1500 – 3 people minimum needed. Subscribe to any of my lists to be the first to know when the next workshop will be
    • You can pay using credit card, with cash or via bank transfer/deposit
  • Keep in mind that if there’s bad weather (rain), the practice gets postponed to the next day with good weather

When is the next workshop?

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More information and registration

Contact me via email at, clicking here or calling/texting to +54 9 351 2457662.